Gerald Isaac „Jerry“ Stiller

1927 - 2020 🙏
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In memory of Jerry Stiller.

By Daniel Krieger (Smoothdude), CC BY 3.0, Link

Gerald Isaac „Jerry“ Stiller was born on 8 June 1927 in Brooklyn, New York. His son Ben Stiller announced the death on Twitter on May 11, 2020. Jerry Stiller had died at age 92 of natural causes. The New York Times wrote an obit about Jerry Stiller.


The American actor, comedian and author was well known for ...


"One of the most kind, loving, and funny people to ever grace this earth. Thank you for so many incredible memories. I love you and miss you. Requiescat in pace.🙏"

Kevin James on Instagram

"I was lucky enough to work with Jerry Stiller, playing his daughter for 9 years on The King Of Queens, but even luckier to know him, the man, the husband, the father, the grandfather. I am only comforted knowing that Anne & Jerry, the great comedy duo of Stiller & Meara are back together. I will be forever grateful for the memories, the fatherly talks off screen and for the many years of laughter, the kindness he had shown to me and my family...You will be so very missed Jerry.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Amy & Ben. #JerryStiller #stillerandmeara"

Leah Remini on Instagram